All our worries were put to rest. All of which are not albinoid. He would turn himself inside out for one of Grandmas oatmeal cookies. Amen to that… my wallet is clapping in agreement! That is the only reason. The white one is hidden if there is a black. Haha, just like it’s wrong to have RRB without the ridge, even though those one’s tend to be healthier, so pure whites or blacks shouldn’t be bred, but either just sold off or put down like the do with the RRB’s without the ridge? Brace yerselves for it… ALMOST ALL PUREBRED DOGS ARE THE PRODUCT OF INBREEDING! I wonder if this is what happens with dobermanns. Two more important terms are genotype and phenotype. It is just that Padula was the first one anyone tried to register. I also have 3 reds and 1 black, all healthy. In the last year I registered him as ESA, that way I never had to deal with apartments telling me they wont renew my lease bc they believe my dog is a Doberman. Amen, Michelle. Then another $1000 for ophthalmologist….. in the end he came out ok with the saved eye. At age 10 Emma had a severe stroke. So champions and show winner puppies will cost more than you pet quality doberman. It does that to almost everybody. Quel nero focato, che tanto fa impazzire gli appassionati, ed il marrone focato; questi sono i colori del Dobermann ! Inbreeding definitely can introduce unwanted traits, as well as perpetuate them……BUT…..Line-breeding (aka Inbreeding), when done by a conscientious professional, can strenthen a breed. I have a male and female black and tan dobermans the female i got frim indiana the male i got from tennessee i just bred them last year and one pup came out white so please explain to me how my white doberman is the product of inbreeding some of you need to realize thats not the only way their made. During spaying the vet discovered a heart murmur in Porsche. I could not bear to watch my buddy hurt. They need adult fosters/adopters. Use it or loose it. It isn’t expensive (~ $25 for puppy, young and adult and ~ $50 for seniors per month ). I am a breeder and my female come from a line of whites. Tails should be docked in the first 3days after the dog is born. Doctors say it is very possible that nothing has spread and the treatment really isn’t going to add that much time for the cost and has no real guarantee. Only then will its fullest potential be discovered and documented. Mixing this with his water in the large container, he gets small dosages throughout the day. This is because there are additional health risks with coloured Dobermanns. Also we treat infections with MESOSILVER. She has not health or behavior issues. I have raised Black and Tan, Red and Tan, Blue and Cream and Tan. Most dogs in shelters are… Mutt dogs. The two who currently share my life are the most recent of the 11 Doberman Pinschers that have graced my world from my past. Anyone who tries to sell an Albino Doberman has an inferrior breeding program, they are culls. However, when we look at the longevity of, say, albino rabbits, guinea pigs, pigeons and budgies, we can realistically say that being white in itself is not fatal to a species. Children can be unknowingly mean to a dog and a dog does have a right to leave the area or protect itself it it is being abused. do i believe a doberman with an expected life span of 10 years that is prone to hypothyroidism, heart murmur, bloat and god knows what else and that has had ears and tail-chopped off is better up than a white doberman? All dogs are subject to health problems, purebreds more so. Although she is such a beauty and she has no health problems I will not be breeding her. I know that means he will have some of the albino gene in him but is this going to cause any health issues? Learn More. Considered an undesirable gene mutation. An owner of an Albino should realize that they need to spay or neuter the animal as soon as possible. Hello Michael, I too am not a breeder/trainer but I am now on dobe number 3 and have worked with them as security dogs. It is difficult to analyse why the Caucasian colour originated in humans – presumably because melanistic colouration was not particularly needed in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet. Once from the killer STAPH I got in the hospital during an appendix event. I had two doberman a blue and a fawn they both loved to play with tennis balls. Completely gorgeous and I have never seen another like him. We wish to promote responsible breeding including all Dobermann and Dachshund colours whilst also specialising in dilute colours blue and Isabella. I passed my Fawn off as a Weimie for most of his 13 years. White dobermans are great I have one he has no problems at all. To produce healthy Dobermans, the parents must be carefully screened and selected based on health and absence of genetic problems. Sorry Evilboo all of that was intended for TexasJul. Thank You!! A horse with partial albinism has a cream-coloured coat, white mane and tail and blue eyes. And she has bright pink skin that burns easily. Also, the skin/eye color isn’t a qualifying factor for albinism just a sign of the trait. Thanks so much! All love on four paws. She used a Shaklee product called Basic H diluted in water. Although these white Dobermans look beautiful, these dogs should not command higher dog prices. Additionally, Alaska just has to many kinds of cultures in the small parts that are accessible to support humans in numbers to have to embrace racial beliefs . And breed twards the dogs origanal purpose and utilize those skills and abilities and make your dog the best it can be with a job and a life purpose that fufills its dna its urgess to do something.. Do you live in America? Il dobermann bianco è stato escluso anche dallo standard americano, nel quale sono inseriti l'isabella ed il blu, lo standard dell'AKC venne modificato nel 1982. Bottom line…its irresponsible to propagate unhealthy breeding. She is a hand full and always wants too be by your side! Would like to tell you my story. Im somewhat discouraged because she’s such a sweet girl and I love her already. General colouring can be black, brown, blue or isabella in combination with tan. Hi! Hi George, check out the website It should help you out. your arguments are the same bullshit that the DPCA has been touting for years. We nursed her for 2 months and then gave in to euthanize her. I can’t imagine life without a Dober-girl/boy by my side. For all those saying AKC registers albino dobermans, the AKC also register puppy mill dogs, does that make it an acceptable practice? North. i have owned dobermans for over 40 yrs and i can remember when this prejudice existed for the isabellas and the blues. I hope they’ve found him a good home by now. i did some research and the original dam did have a white and the male pup (yes male) was breed with sis litter mates to keep getting the white color. Well, believe it or not, there is such a thing. do you think white tigers should continue to be bred, as well? Hope this helps with your decision making. dilute - a blue or a fawn. And ever since I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with other Dobie fans. Look at american rotts and ero rotts same for german shepards. You were spot on and I totally agree with you! Today, the Dobermann's are known for their upmost loyalty to their ‘hooman’ families. They are excellent for people with allergies in my humble opinion, very short hair, single coat (no undercoat) Very clean and almost ‘cat like’. and vet bill are just that vet bill make a payment arrangment or start paying the vet before yu get the dobie and have a credit before the health issues arrise or pet health insurance. I am looking at an Isabella (Fawn). Su questa razza sono state riversate grandi quantità di … They were not deaf, they did not have red eyes (The trait necessity to call a diluted color gene, an actual “Albino”). Because it is a Recessive gene, white would be bred to white to decrease the chances of the Dominant gene from producing. Until scientific research is done to prove they are albinoid, you all have no right to bicker like children about a dog. Many European countries have all but eliminated unwanted and stray dogs by cracking down on the behaviors that produce them. Hey I do not breed dobermans but my neighbor does… I have researched the breed to the highest of levels cause I could not understand y she was hoping for a blue or white… Well we both share 7 acers and have one fence around the entire property… I breed wolf hybrids been doing so since I moved she breeds dobies and her brother breeds pitbulls. Myself I dont like akc I would rather deal with A.P.R.I. That is most definitely venom and passion. The big difference is that carriers of the dilute gene are rare. The gray color may have a charcoal gray, silver, or a purple tone. her eyes are sensitive to the sun and she does seem to have a somewhat sensitive stomach. Due to this, white Dobermans experience many issues that their normal colored siblings wouldn’t, including extremely UV sensitive skin, early on set glaucoma, lapsed patellas, aggression, and more. We are experienced owners – have had two, and both our sons have dobermans in their households. It’s to sad. Sarah: I have to agree, albinos have red eyes not blue…so that kind of confuses me (Only on this subject because I wanted a little bit of advise before getting a white Doberman. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the American Doberman Pinscher. Thanks for sharing your story about your sweet girl. In fact, one of these White Doberman Pinschers is a Police Dog. Having said that, his eye sight is not perfect. He loves the nieghborhood kids and all of the visitors that come into the house but he is always on guard when strangers come around. In my opinion if yo decide to breed the it should be a “z” to a “non-z” this is just me and i know that somebody will chew me out behind it but “we” all humans come from 2 people. In most mammals (including humans) true albinos have pink eyes because they have no pigment at all. So if you go by that logic albinos are free since it cant even be showed at competitions. So….should people breed Doberman Pinschers for the specific purpose of producing “Whites”? I grew up with black and tan dobermans from the age of 3, I now have a beautiful fawn and tan called Senya who literally stops traffic! He had a very nice temperament also. So do I . The Fawn (Isabella) Doberman color is from the dilution of the red Doberman coat color. I took four semesters in genetic based studies just for shiggles; this stuff is easy to understand if you just READ. Cleo would walk at my heal everywhere without a lead but put even just a short lead on her and she pulled slightly as if it was a slight in someway ? I am an animal activist, but I still think it’s okay to cut their ears as long as it is done correctly and under anesthesia with great care taken to keep the dog out of pain and tending to the healing correctly. For some dogs, like those who were abused to the point of retched temperament, putting them to sleep in a shelter is better than forcing it to live in fear or possibly putting you or your loved ones in danger due its unpredictable nature. My white Doberman is both death and blind but very sweet. If you come across a White Dobie, don’t hesitate to give him/her a forever home. i have a white doverman and he is very loving hes six years old no health problem until last week he started falling like his front claws wants to turn in while he walks has anyone every had this proble please let meknow? A Doberman that is white is not ‘special’ in a good way. We showed Dobermans and Afghans in the late 70’s and in the last 15 years have had three Reds , one Black and Tan and one White. He has had no health problems very easy trained. I have a fawn male and a white female, who’s previous owner relinquished her to us. If not for their health, at least to cut down on all the poor pets that have to be put down every year in shelters. His mother comes from Poland well bred. Never a problem with this. The issue with white Dobermans is that all white Dobermans are severely inbred. It’s soooo cute but his skin is very sensitive and I would like to know if you can share some products to take car of it. Check it out! It’s a crap shoot with albinos. Being sent to an abusive or unstable home 2. to clear up the debate on albino dobermans. All white dobes are tracked as “z” by the AKC. You have no idea what your talking about regarding White Dobermans. by the way you will have some health issues with all animals they are a living thing that takes just as much care as most children, I have a albino he is the best dog that i ever had . My first dobe came from a first time breeder and he had both DVDob and VWD. Do not purchase a Doberman that is colored ‘white’ or that has any white relatives in their bloodline. The blue Doberman is a dilute of black. That’s the main goal of AKC, UKC, CKC and any other kennel clubs. Pit bulls are amazing at guarding homes, mostly children, and they were bred to be nanny dogs.) If inbreeding or line breeding is used in any breed of animal to create an albino animal, there is a good chance that the animal will have health problems because of harmful recessive traits that crop up with the subsequent lack of genetic diversity. A Black Doberman with dd is a blue and a red Doberman with dd is a fawn. Not only is the white Doberman not albino, but ALL health problems that have been found in white dobermans can be found in other colors as well except for skin sensitivity which is found in all short haired white dogs. A pad with MESOSILVER taped to his foot and leg cured it in three days! Hate to tell you though, they are just that – FACTS. Another Dobie for us, please. His name was Logan. Any reputable Dobe breeder will react with horror at the idea of continued or purposed breeding of these poor dogs. Kind regards, Tammy Cuthbert, Hello I’m getting an all black Doberman in about a week and I keep reading all these negative things about them. Look, I’ve owned rescue dogs and purebreds. Found a rescue in Enterprise, Alabama that we are currently in touch with. As far as someone disposing of a White Dobe, that wrong. i guess im d only one in the philippines dat owns a white i have been breeding red,blue,isabella and black the thing is..if u breed an isabella with a red rust”my red rust’s mom is also an isabella” a white dobe might come out….which happened to me..”they r not even relatives!’ white dobbie now is 7 yrs old..hes got no defects at all…hes got 2 balls,perfect eyesight..both eyes tested…no hearing defect..very clean stomach,very nice coat..his coat is a lil rough..not the usual ones dat is very flat on d skin, i did a stress test for him and he passed.. my other dobes r mad with cats ‘most dogs i guess” hehe but my white dobbie is friendly even with my hamster..:D i also have a cat and he goes along good with her…my other dobbies dont…, i seriously cannot consider him a he can do what my other dobes can…HE IS BETTER actually..temperament wise..i can say my dobbie isnt as troubleome as my other “normal”colored dobes..not agressive..its like i own a shihtzu hahaha..:D:D, I’d never say to ‘put down’ a doberman that is born with the defect of being ‘white’ but this dog must be spayed or neutered as soon as possible and never bred. They are evey bit the cherished Doberman Pinscher we all know and love. These are black Dobermans without the usual rust color markings. Boy did they whine! But, but, but, hesitate to put this into words, like words would make it „more real“. Exercise responsibility instead. Also many lines actually carry the Z- factor gene . La taglia si aggira attorno i 68-72 cm per i maschi e 63-68 cm per le femmine. I wish people would not perpetuate poor information. they are all incredible dogs… just be responsible. Her Mom was white and dad was black/tan. So get that idea out your head and just research the dog you get before you get it or ask ur local vet. I have seen him go up to a child that was fussy and nuzzle them to make them happy (with the parent’s permission). I don’t want to see an outstanding breed tarnished by this uneducated, irresponsible behavior. Do you know if both of her parents were white? The European Dobermann is an overall larger dog that is built to excel as a working or personal protection dog. Three years ago I had the same concern. I have had alot of dobermans over the years all colors the color does not make the dog what makes the dog is how you raise it train it love it and socialize them. I work for a Holistic Vet that created an incredible line of Cat and Dog food…if you’re interested, I would love to set you up with some free samples and tell you more about it. Why is this? I am a dark skinned person i hve stomach problems, light sensitivity, and sometimes i dont behave like i should….should i be assisted with death because of it? She has never had puppies despite constant companionship from a male who isn’t fixed. I’ve been studying this breed for about 6 years now and I continue to learn so much. , I have grown to love the Dobmerman due to their intelligence, loyalty and gorgeous looks. When my dad walked away, my mom firmly but calmly told him to cut that barking out, and he stopped barking, sat down and wagged his little tail at her. She is the best dog that I have ever owned. No its norepriducing It’s a pet. Don’t worry, there isn’t any problem with this. MysticPink, or anyone else that may be having trouble with allergies, gas, itching, hives, rashes, bad breath, picky eaters….please feel free to contact me, as well:). Somewher down the line, someone decided to select for certain traits, and breed for said traits. As a result, some countries have banned the breeding of this dog mutation, and breeders are encouraged not to breed for this color. Not all white Dobermans are problematic and they can still make great companions. Also there are some white champions in schutzhund as well as obedience and agility course do your research like i said, Ok to all the white haters DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are different shades of red hair, ranging from a copper tone to dark chocolate. Thank you for reading our story. hello I want buy the 5 Doberman with the 5 different color can you help me to buy this puppy from the best quality and best price can you offer me the best club or if you have this puppy sale to me please help me please sent a message to me via my Your right about euthanasia. just because your white dog is healthy now doesn’t mean it won’t run into issues later. The vet told me the breeders usually put the white puppies to sleep and any animal lover would not do such a thing. They have a personality unlike any other dog, if you had ever owned one you would understand. This matter was also of large debate with the German shepherd, which was later accepted. I had a red king dobie for several years, I took him to the local petsmart for trading classes. Probably not the answer you wanted, but I know DVM’s who will not breed once a year if they cannot come as close as possible to not reproducing these health issues to further weaken the breed. Spayed females had nine times higher incidence of hemangiosarcoma compared to intact females, regardless of when spaying was performed, however, no difference in incidence of this type of cancer was found for neutered vs. intact males. My advice is to start with a doberman that has excellent genetics/temperament. The AKC does register white(albino) dobermans. Its all about the buck and nothing to do with bettering the breed as a whole. I NEVER HAD ANY OF MY WHITES FAIL ANY OF THE TESTING OUT THERE…….NOT LIKE THE “ACCEPTED” COLORS!! Thank you for all your great comments. Your going off on the author of this site does nothing to change that. These are all actual “facts” BTW We visit our vet often. I have had Doberman my entire life black reds blues and fawns and currently have 2 whites and they are AMAZING!! She has had no health problems and we will be breeding her. We have a rescue white female. Perhaps if people quit trying to stop what every one is doing and started promoting responsible pet ownership, first and foremost, maybe more people would be able to enjoy the breed. Years, Milo is 4 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of Cleo! If this idea were not so flawed, it would be a good one. shame on you who would cull a white pup, just because it is white…. If an animal lacks pigment in one part of his body (like fur) and not in another (like eyes) it’s attributed to another genetic abnormality. We mainly have had Black, Red and Isabella colored Dobermans, although we have a 3 year old White bitch named Saint. I have a all black doby! You’re a FUCKING BOZO!!!! Hello to all, my family and myself have bred and raised Dobermans for over 40 years. Have a great forever home full of love. They are not standard. Educate yourself, you freaking twelve-year-olds. We dearly loved all of our girls, their different temperaments and personalities. That will cause many health issues. It is born out of inbreeding. Blue Dobermans are susceptible to developing the health issues common for Dobermans, which include, von Willebrands disease and Cardiomyopathy, however, since they have a color diluted gene, the Blue Dobermans then have the added issue of a skin condition known as Color Dilution Alopecia, which means their hair becomes brittle and can break easily. Sickly dogs produce sickly pups, I wonder why its supposed to be ok to breed a unhealthy black and tan doberman but not a healthy white one? Although, inbreeding would explain your human shortcomings. “Responsible” is the key word here. I have only had a female red & rust Doberman but look forward to welcoming a dynamic duo of a female and male to my home as soon as I’m able to. They are considered a disqualifying fault in some dog shows. As with any Nordic human being, we know that the less color pigment in our skin, the more susceptible we are to the harmful ultra-violet sun rays. Be a RESPONSBLE pet owner if your love your fur baby. Not breeding them is a ridiculous notion as purebreds do have their uses (hounds are bred for hunting and they excel at it. Regardless of anything else – it is a well documented FACT that these white “Dobermans” are predestined for medical and/or mental issues at a shockingly high percentage compared to all other colors. If I ever have a white it will be a rescue. And by the way dogs are not people. You need to remember all dogs came from the wolf and though breeding such as line breeding and inbreeding we have a wide variety of dogs some good some not so good but they all deserve our love and care no matter what. Against all wisdom we have a puppy at hand. I would also like to add that ‘the leading’ mfr of dog food is and has been a problem for us, having lost several dogs to cancer. Both children learnt to walk by grabbing two fists full of Cleo and pulled themselves up? the dogs aren’t genetical cripples because of the color. When it came to thunderstorm phobia, all neutered or spayed Vizslas were at greater risk than intact Vizslas, regardless of age at neutering. White dobermans came from 1 dog…I repeat…1 dog…whos children were repeatedly bred back to her until more were produced. As far as going from a one person house to a family environment this is doable if the dog is socialized around children. The one in white what type of doby is this???? The two girls together are amazing. The environment is everything. It aggravates me when people say things like that about breeding for the WRONG reasons! I want all the colors i may breed i may not breed, but as with any thing line breeding can cause problems. Thank you for your post. RE: SARAH- please you are uninformed. His appearance is that of a GS trapped in a Dobie body. To Marcela Rodriguez; a friend had a blue dobie with skin issues you are experiencing. My red/rust has a bladder issue and is on daily Proin. First, As I initially stated, it hasn’t been that long ago that blue and fawn puppies were culled. She was our next to last Doberman and miss all of them so much. The skin is Red/pink not the eyes. Although I have never personally owned a White Dobie, I have had the distinct honor of knowing four of them, very, very well. In the meanwhile we have adopted a 7 months old dobie girl. The colour of nose can be black or brown. He closes his eyes outside when the sun is out, and he can’t see through the slider (actually ran into the closed slider once) . Keep in mind, we are arguing over a DOG. Breeding any dogs should be outlawed in my opinion the shelters are crowded with purebreds and mutt’s alike. They have so many health issues. At this point I’m not planning on keeping him but rather finding him a home best suited for him… I have a dobe rescue about 4.5 years old male myself red who I’m not sure would approve of a sibling… Or if Duke would approve… I’m so glad you found the one… Brenda. He is crate trained for while she is at work and he loves to go for rides and hikes. You should come to Alaska, Most of the year the environment is white white white LOL! No. I was very intrigued. She’s very sweet and affectionate about 6 month old. He does have a barking problem and absolutely hates the squirrels that tease him. I have a fantastic WHITE Doberman! my biggest fear is the dog getting and then him getting into mischef while im at work. Also don’t give them free rein of the house, maybe just the kitchen or a bedroom, just in case they get into trouble if bored, (use a baby gate). I love my dobes the way they are… I stick to breed standard, so as not to change the breed, and possibly further the health problems so many have…. According to Dr.S., An albino has no pigment to hair, skin, eyes or mucous membrane. Does anyone know of a reputable blue and tan breeder in the UK as I don’t believe shipping a puppy from the states is good. their temperament/health/intelligence is a little more than average of all the dobes i have owned…. It was the ‘antibiotic’ of choice in a few countries for 2000 years b4 penicillin and then it was all but forgotten about. I’ve owned nothing but dobermans for 30 years and I have owned and rescused every color, including the z factor whites. Dogs should look something like a wolf, a dingo, or a fox if they had not been reconfigured by humans. Since one white and one black allel means a black (and tan/rust) dog, and the white allel is rare, people can have white-carrier dogs without ever find out. Comportamenti con gli umani I am proud to say I own a white doberman male one of the best i have ever had as a companion I also have kids and he thinks he is one of them. Standards change when there is enough demand by the breeders. Like the white Doberman, they should not be bred. I wanted one that was very easy going, a little less territorial and on edge most of the time, because we had a lot of kids in and out of our home. Research your breeder! The population of white tigers is also too small and probably somewhat inbred to realistically test this theory. All domesticated animals – including all dog breeds are a bit of an abomination or reconstruction of ‘natural selection’ and I feel that we need to be wary of pontificating or judging the significant efforts of those who believe in breeding white Dobermans. but breeding them simply for the pleasure of having a show quality dog is… Dumb. I’ve seen others similarly sized. It disgusts me deeply. Very nice info on our most favorite dog dobermansss thanks we are the dog lovers from the midddle east. Fawn (or Isabella) colored Dobermans are the rarest of … Wow, great to hear. I think all dobermans are very beautiful and after I learned they come in so many colors I became very interested in the melanistic black. People expressed their hateful opinions here and actual owners mostly said that they have healthy white Dobermans. I do believe that they do have a soft stomach . I love my babies period, but people just want what is unusual and what others dont have. Puppies are easy to find, but not so adult Dobermans. In the begining there was only adam and eve…..they had kids one died so how do we have billions of people if we did not practice inceset at one time should we have stopped because one of us had 6 fingers, lighter skin, stomach problems, or even had multiple births? And the blue Doberman is sometimes called a gray Doberman or silver Doberman. What is a "blue Doberman"? These are family Dobermans. Yeah, I don’t take her out in the middle of the day( we live in Florida) but I don’t go out in the middle of the day either! I would have wanted male white doberman and female from different nests, in Europe I can not find. People should not judge what God has made just because they are wrong. As I type this, we are in a Olcaa FL hotel waiting for the arrival of our dobie #4. Well, except for those pesky squirrels. I am sure you didn’t know about the z factor before hand and it should say on it’s AKC papers that there is NO Z FACTOR in its bloodline if it comes from quality breeders. The only precaution i would give is that they tend to be very protective over their pack mates (my children) i never had any bitting issues but a stranger can find then very intimidating. . (If the shoe fits). But you could try avoiding excessive exposure to direct sun, if you have to take them out, incorporate the use of sunglasses as a medical need, rather than an occasional accessory feature element of having the dog look cool.